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Business in Seattle

What is your business? The high cost of living in Seattle is dictated by sales taxes as well as the population. In another hand a business taxes are low and as a result of it huge corporations like Amazon, Boing, Microsoft, Starbucks and other elephants got a branch in Seattle. City streets filled by a nice dressed business persons.







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Seattle time

I changed my plan, again and again, it’s just a time when I’m not sure what I’m doing and why with a strong feeling of confidence. It was fun time today on vegfest what biggest in the US. Free food and hungry people, vegans hungriest people I ever see. Looking forward to getting online job and not get broken while I’m not making money nor have a place to stay either. My neighbor in hotel snoring and I get earplugs for tonight. Will go to meet new people this evening.. I hope.

I took more pictures, here we go





Fun Travel

Heading to north

For some reasons going to Portland. So excited about that and waiting for new adventure. Portland neat city for my taste. Awful looking, kind inside, Rainy, hipsters, good coffee, awesome people, inspiring street art it’s all about that city. Riverbank remembering me London Thames river.

State Oregon little bit crazy with wonderful nature. By crazy I mean things like legalized gay marriage, physician-assisted suicide, and recreational marijuana.